MIRALIBRI - I edition 2014-15

11/09/2014 to 18/06/2015

Know the author, the story that led him to write the book; know the book, the emotions and thoughts that trigger in each one of us: from September 2014 to June 2015, the beautiful barn of Villa Venier Contarini will be the exceptional setting for MiraLibri, the show starring authors mainly Venetian and from Veneto.

The events of September take place during the Festival of the Venetian Villas.

11TH of September – 18TH of June 2015, at 6 PM

Villa Venier Contarini, Via Capitello Albrizzi 3, Mira, Venezia


Thursday, September 11TH

Roberto Lamantea, "Voice Of the blueness", Manni 2013

Thursday, September 18TH

Nikola P. Savic, "Better Life", Bompiani 2014


Thursday, October 16TH

Giovanni Tonellato and Nicola Tonelli, "What if it's normal in this way," Giovane Holden Edizioni 2012


Thursday, November 20TH

Annalisa Bruni, "Types not to attend," CLEUP 2013


Thursday, December 18TH

Paolo Birolini, "Common places. An Emilian notebook" Lampi di Stampa 2014


Thursday, January 15TH, 2015

Guido Barbujani, "Leave the saints. A history of relics and scientists", Einaudi 2014


Thursday, February 19TH


Nico Pirozzi, "Stories of the Holocaust," Cento Autori 2010


Thursday, March 19TH

Corrado Poli, "The cathedral dissolved. Stories", CLEUP 2014


Thursday, April 16TH

Annalisa Terranova, "Victory. A story of the Seventies", Giubilei Regnani 2014


Thursday, May 21TH

Paolo Spolaore, "In the Footsteps of Giacomo in the Middle Ages of the Venezie. Through ancient paths to the origins of a submerged cult" Terra Ferma Edizioni 2014


Thursday, June 18TH

Giulia Calore, "Daughter of a God listless", CLEUP 2014

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