Villa Benzi, Zecchini

Via Montello, 61 - 31031 Caerano San Marco (TV)

Villa Benzi - Zecchini has its roots in the middle of XVI century, when the Venetian family Ghirardi, with foreign origins, decided to invest its commercial capitals on dry land. From the initial purchase of "campi dusentonovantatrè" dated 1555, the Ghirardis turned out to have two thirds of caerena capitals, ther inherited by Benzis – Zecchinis that maintain it since 1837, when they bound it to the Pia Casa di Ricovero of Venezia. With the Girardis, many plots were deforested and were united to other plots already in use. They rebuilt the big colonial houses that are now visible, characterised by a frontal portico with more lights and the farmyard held by apartment blocks near the entrance, the oven and the stable. At last, the Girardis built the great Palace that we know today as Benzi - Zecchini. A XVIII century Biblioteca Marciana manuscript described it as proof of greatness for this family, defining it as good as their own palace in Venice. With its original configuration, it is characterised by a central body and two lateral towers, which façade is interrupted by tight and high windows. Entirely built, it seems, for residential purposes only in summer periods: a proof is given by the low number of chimneys and the simple distribution of the rooms. The geometrical figure of the body of the Villa looks similar to the well known and rich Villa Rezzonico in Bassano del Grappa, built by Longhena: the only difference consists in having only two towers instead of four as Villa Rezzonico, and having humble fornitures, maybe because of the only summer use. With its austere aspect, it is completed by the stable, the cantinas, the barn and the little lake that udes to exist. The same importance is given to the little church placed near the palace, erected in 1610 where the façade is characterised by two little pinnacles on top of whom there are two elegant rock elements. Outside, on the entrance door, there is the noble crest while in the inside, austere, preserves an altar that used to host a beautiful altarpiece made by Veronese’s school. The noblewoman Caterina Casser ved. Benzi Zecchini, last heir of the Benzis, that died the 27th of January in 1837, with her will, gave everything she had to the Pia Casa di Riposo di Venezia, asking that the third part of her heirs would have been chosen by Caerano’s poor people. But, the heir Pia Casa never respected this. Among various vicissitudes (the Villa was also aimed at the College for Orphans) it gets so in 1980 when between the City of Caerano and Pia Rest Home in Venice started negotiations for the final transition of the Villa to the City of Caerano. The negotiations were concluded in 1982. Started the renovations that terminated at the end of the 80s. With the renovations they decided to use the villa as a cultural center of the country and to erect a "Foundation" of Villa Benzi – Zecchini with the purpose of soliciting the participation and public enjoyment of the complex historical and real estate, consisting of the Villa, the former stables and barns now turned into theater-auditorium, called "Teatro Giuseppe Maffioli", which can accommodate about 300 people and is equipped with a stage of 110 square meters and the surrounding park.



The villa is open to visitors during periods when hosting events, or tours are available by calling the telephone number: 0423 650509

Services: Congress and Events halls, Garden, Events



From Treviso:
Take the highway “Feltrina” until the Montebelluna exit, turn on Bassano d.G direction, carry on s.s. 248 for about 3 km.
From Padova:
Take the “Strada del Santo” until Castelfranco, take the “s.s.667”, arrived at the traffic roundabout in Caerano turn on the right towards Montebelluna and carry on for 2 Km.
From Milano Verona Vicenza:
Take the expressway A4 and exit at “Vicenza Nord”, than take the “s.s. 53” with Castelfranco direction, take the “s.s.667”; arrived at the traffic roundabout in Caerano turn on the right towards Montebelluna and carry on for 2 Km.




Via Montello, 61
31031 Caerano TV



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