Villa Badoer Michieli, Ruzzini (Municipio)

Via Caltana, 156 - 35010 - Zeminiana - Villanova di Camposampiero (PD)

Built in: XVI – XVII century
Environmental context: Urban
Villa Badoer - Michieli Ruzini, name that became Villa Ruzzini, represent a noble dwelling of the ancient colony in di Villanova di Camposampiero and its foundation is dated in the late XVI century. This countryside building made the building the centre of the territorial properties that the Ruzinis had in Villanova and was intended to be used for the summer seasons. The Ruzinis, noble Venetian family, had famous heirs that had really important role in the Republic governement, like, for example, Carlo Ruzini, that in 1732 was elected Doge of Venice. The Villa has this aspect thanks to the renovations made in the XVIII century: there were built other two lateral wings and a pronao with ionic pillars that gave to the buildins the resemblance of a Venetian Villa.
Excellences of the complex: near the villa, on the west side, there is the oratory named after St. Dominic and now war memorial. It is thought that the building was erected by Domenico Ruzzini, podesta of Brescia in 1620 and decorated with frescos, probably made by the same artist. Now the walls are covered by multicolor plaster with geometrical themes. The two altarpieces are now preserved in Villa Ruzzini. The ancient Romanesque parish church, existing still, at least, the XIII century, is currently unavailable for views and has recently been renovated; the seven altars where rich of artworks, many of which are still preserved in the new church built between 1953 and 1956: particularly, we remember the altar dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua and a wooden crucifix dated between the XV and the XVI century. The community of Murelle had a church too a long time ago, dated XII century old; between 1896 and 1905 was erected a new church, finished in 1944, characterized by neo-gothic spires in its façade; on the inside there are still preserved two XVIII century altars belonged to the ancient church and also two ancient paintings. The façade recalls, with its essential lines, the Palladian models; on the inside the altar is preserved, embellished by an altarpiece that represents Our Lady of the Rosary.
Excellences of the Villa: the walls of the central hall in the noble floor (the first) are embellished by a series of frescos made up by six big paintings framed by geometric configuration; the frescos probably tell the events with Marco Ruzini as protagonist, sea captain. Two of them are dedicated to a naval warfare, while other two tells the coming back of the ships, at first by sea, then arriving in Venice. The villa is also the city hall of Villanova di Camposampiero, while the noble floor hosts cultural events in the frescos hall.



Opening times:
Tuesdays from 9.00 to 13.00 and Thursdays from 15.00 to 18.30.
For groups, tours are available on reservation even in other days and times.
Tours: During opening times, you can only see the frescos hall on the noble floos, up to 25 persons at the same time; the other rooms are available on request and reservation.

Services: Car Park, Guided Tours, Photos allowed



By car: Take the SP34 to Villanova di Camposampiero.
By plane: Venice - 39 Km
Bus: 841 Zeminiana-Padova-Borgoricco line - 0.5 Km
By train: Padua - 17 Km



Via Caltana, 156
Villanova di Camposampiero 35010 (PD)



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