Palazzo "delle Contesse"

Piazza Papa Luciani, 7 Mel 32026 (BL)

Environmental context: Urban
Palazzo delle Contesse is located in the main square of Mel, approximately 20 km south from Belluno. Mel is located in the middle of Valbelluna, on the left side of Piave river. Mel has also the most interesting and rich old town centre of the valley. Piazza Papa Luciani, the square in the middle of the town, has the most important historical buildings, such as Palazzo “delle Contesse” in the west corner. The name of the Palace (Palace of the Countesses) comes from the sentimental affairs of its owner Adriano del Zotto, which married at first the Venetian Countess Elisabetta Papadopuli and then, when she died, he married the Venetian Countess Elisabetta Tiepolo. Palazzo delle Contesse was built in the XVII Century, but at the begin of the XIX Century it was highly restored by Adriano Del Zotto. Recently it has been restored once again and it is now a cultural centre for the town of Mel. The Palace nowadays hosts also the Archeological and Civic Museum where impartant findings from the ancient Venetian populations of Iron Age are exposed. The structure of Palazzo delle Contesse, that is typical for noble Venetian residences, in made up by a compact building and a pavilion roof with refined polygonal chimneys. The main façade is made up by many elements that emphasize the oriental sectors of the Palace and that integrates themselves harmoniously. The ground floor is decorated with rustications, contrasting the upper floors that have smooth plaster. The windows in the upper floors are framed with light-colour squares and are connected by delicate horizontal stripes, able to emphasize the horizontal appearence of the building. At the last floor, in the attic, the windows are smaller and squared, setted immediately below the cornice. In the main façade the most important ornamental part is a three-light window (trifora) with metal balaustrade and with three high French doors, finished with stone. The back of the Palace is completely different from the main façade, both in structure and in decoration. The back highlights the vertical sectors of the Palace: the right section has loggias and Tuscan columms, the middle section has windows or French doors that are high and curves with a small balcony, while the left section is characterised by squared windows in couple with stone cornice. In the inside of the Palace there are well finished Venetian floors and a magnificient fresco in the hall ceiling that shows the representation of Sunrise, with the god Eos upon a cart that sends away the night. The Palace is the headquarter of Zumelle’s community; it hosts art events, concerts, courses… The second floor is currently occupied by the Archeological and Civic Museum of Mel.



Opening times of the museum:
Saturdays 9.00-12.00 15.00-18.00
Sundays: 9.00-12.00 15.00-18.00
Everyday on reservation
Reservations: Association “FENICE” Arte-Cultura-Turismo
Via Peschiera n.21
32032 Feltre BELLUNO
333-8535629, 340-5557792

Services: Accessibility for people with disabilities, Lift, Car Park, Photos allowed, Congress and Events Halls



West side of the main square
Plane: Treviso-102km  Venezia-111km
Train: Belluno-20km
Bus: line 20 Belluno-Feltre



Piazza Papa Luciani, 7
Mel 32026 (BL)



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